14 Fabulous Beach Day Hacks

The most delightful event of the year, according to our church calendar, might be Northgate’s Day at the Lake. It’s an afternoon dedicated to hanging out, a potluck lunch under the pavilion, and getting in the water for some boating, fishing, or swimming. It’s the kind of day you daydream of all winter. Hot dogs on the grill, a cool breeze, and the smell of sunblock…it’s magical.

Northgate’s Day at the lake this year is Sunday, June 23rd.

And you totally hafta be there! It’s gonna be so much fun!

But, we all know that the best days at the beach are ones that are well-planned, so we put together list of simple ideas that will make any day at the lake picture-perfect!

1-Bust out the board games

With so much to do at the beach, it might not seem like the most obvious place to bring a board game but you’ll have it made in the shade when you’re prepared for the kids to take a few minutes of downtime, or sneak in a few rounds of your favorite card game with your sweetheart.


2-Pull out the powder

Sick of sticky sand on your feet or backside? Smell sweet and smoothly wipe away itchy beach sand with a few puffs of baby powder. Try to score a travel size that won’t take up too much space!


3-Keep it clean

You can always count on a kid to kick some sand right into your pristine picnic set-up. Instead of towels or a blanket, opt for a fitted sheet. Place your heavy items, like a cooler or diaper bag, in the corners to hold the sides up. Now you’ve got a beautiful little barricade against those stray grains getting kicked in your direction.


4-Make it memorable

Why have an average trip to the beach when it could be epic? Northgate’s Day at the Lake isn’t just a potluck picnic. It’s a chance to celebrate baptisms! If you’re walking with Jesus, but haven’t been baptized yet, or not since you were a baby, you’ll love this chance to profess your faith with a full immersion experience. Anyone and everyone can be baptized but we wanna know who’s coming and invite you to a quick class. Sign up here!


5-Floaties from Five Below

Hit the waves in style with some super cute (and cheap) floaties from Five Below. They’ve got tons of flashy designs for the whole family and they’ll even blow them up in-store for you, or you can walk away with an inexpensive air pump from the same place.


6-Skip the sand

Nothing is more annoying than a beach bag full of sand. Instead, get a mesh laundry bag from the dollar store. After your kids toss in the sand toys, give it a good shake outside and your mess is as good as gone.


7-Flip them flops

The beach becomes way less fun when you fry the bottoms of your feet while slipping back in your sandals that have been heating up under the summer sun. Try keeping your flip-flops upside down to keep those tootsies from getting torched.


8-Bring your Bluetooth

Your favorite tunes make everything so much sweeter! Bring your Bluetooth speaker so you can play some of those epic Jon Bon Jovi ballads from back-in-the-day or your favorite worship songs. But not too loud, now! You don’t wanna bug your neighbors.


9-Get great photos

One secret to getting great photos on a special day along the shore is to get in close and capture the details. Aside from photos of the family, zoom in to snap pics of the snail shells your kids gather, sandcastles you build, or a popsicle as it melts over your baby’s chubby little fingers. Those photos will make your memories come back alive when you look at them later.

Also, if you like taking photos, you’ll love our prize drawing! When you RSVP to Northgate’s Day at the Lake, you’re entered into a drawing to win a new Polaroid Camera. Let us know you’re coming and RSVP here.


10-Wheel around the wagon

If your least favorite part of the beach is trudging across a huge parking lot with armfuls of junk and making multiple trips back to the car, plan ahead with a wagon. A stress free way to enjoy the day is to wheel your stuff around instead. You’ll look like the smartest person at the park!


11-Take a time out with tea

Trying to get a tan instead of the whole swimming scene? Take a time out from baking in the sun with a spritz of green tea. Steep a couple of green tea bags in water, transfer into a dollar store spray bottle, and keep it in your cooler. When the sun gets intense, cool off with a mist from this anti-inflammatory.


12-Stash some cash

In the age of Apple Pay and chip readers, ya might not carry as much cash these days. But parking and concessions at beaches can often be cash-only. Sneak a small stash in an empty tanning lotion bottle or even wrapped in a clean baby diaper so it’s less likely to walk off when you’re away from your beach blanket.


13-Blow up a balloon

A hack to help with swimmers ear! If your inner ear is plugged or has “the tickles” try blowing up a balloon. The pressure can be a push in the right direction.


14-Give yourself a sun tattoo

Here’s a silly little experiment! Use school glue to draw a simple design--hearts, arrows, initials-- on your back, chest, or shoulders to let that untanned skin become a tattoo courtesy of the sunshine.


Hope these hacks and ideas help you make the most of your summer days spent at the lake!