Yesterday's service was amazing! Some people have asked me, "What makes Northgate so special?" Well. . . At Northgate Church, three core values combine to create what we call The Gate Way - passion, people and purpose. This focus is what drives every decision we make and guides every discussion we have.

1.   Passion

Telling people about Jesus is our passion. This passion is at the center of everything we do. In Christ, we set impossible goals, take bold steps of faith, and watch the Spirit unleash the calling and potential he has placed inside each of us to help people become who God purposed them to be. 

2.   People

We are a church of individual people from different walks of life, yet we are called together by our one mission in Christ. Northgate is a passionate and purposeful church community, minus the church lingo, bad coffee, and kumbayah. God empowers us to become passionate and purposeful followers of Christ in everything we do, in how we think, in the decisions we make, and in how and why we relate to others.

3.   Purpose

Jesus was sent on purpose to reconcile people to God. Because Jesus Christ has changed our lives, we know the difference a passionate relationship with him can make in other people’s lives.  As a church, we stick to that purpose. We don’t cater to our personal preferences, because we believe that God is more concerned with the people we are trying to reach than the people we are trying to keep, whether they live across the street or over an ocean. That's our purpose.