Northgate is a Full-Blown God-Thing!

Whew! What a weekend! On Friday and Saturday, 70 Northgaters got together for the Alpha Weekend Away. The Holy Spirit was there in some powerful ways. Yesterday, four people (that I know of) made first time commitments to Christ--maybe more. And, another person was healed from long-term, chronic back pain (arthritis). Also, there was some major emotional healing that took place and several mind-blowing, miraculous recommitments to Christ. People who weren't expecting to reconnect with God. 

And then, worship today. . . what a gift! The Spirit was moving again this morning and then tonight at Alpha. Every week, dozens and dozen of first time attendees are walking through our doors. They're is such interest in our church--God's church. 

I just can’t keep up with God. Northgate is a full-blown God-thing!

And these signs will accompany those who believe. . . (Mark 16:17)