A number of people have asked me lately, "When are we going to build a church building of our own?" My first response is, "Thanks for the question." My second response is, "Slow down. . . This church is less than eight months old." And my third response is, "I'm not yet sure." The time for a building is coming, no doubt, but I'm not sure when or where. We have a facilities dream teaming meeting monthly, but we're all convinced that a facility of some kind has to be in GOD'S timing, not OURS. . . and it has to be the right place--a place where we can grow. This past Sunday morning, as an example, THERE WERE OVER 700 PEOPLE AT NORTHGATE! That's a really big church and a lot of people to house, which makes finding a facility a little more challenging.

So, what's the answer? Well, like I said on Sunday, fast and pray. . . and wait. God has a building in the works. He's got it under control. And he'll show us when he's ready, in his time.