Well, as you probably know, Northgate has the astonishing goal of reaching 1,000 people (regularly) on a Sunday morning by this summer.  1,000 people! That’s a really big number. (Only God knows if we’ll reach that ambitious number by the summer.) But, it’s a really important number and a really important goal. Numbers matter because numbers represent people and people matter to God.    

So, here’s a “1k in 1 Year” update. This past Sunday we had nearly 750 people at Northgate. Compare that number with August’s average attendance of 458, and that’s a 62% growth trajectory in less than nine months. Compare that number to January’s five month growth rate of 45% and you’ll see that we’re clearly on our way.

Not bad, Northgaters. Keep it up! Of course, God is in the driver’s seat and he gets the credit. How can anyone explain Northgate apart from God?

Anyway, let’s keep going. Invite a friend who is far from God to Easter this Sunday!

“Don't bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.” —David Ogilvy