Invite a Friend BACK to Northgate

So, thanks to your invitations, God led over 1100 people to Northgate on Easter. Our largest Sunday to date. Contrast that number with the 800-something people we had on Christmas, and the 458 people on an average Sunday last August.  More importantly, lots of people checked out the church on Easter, and while there was no way to track it, my guess is dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of people laid down their ladders for the first time and trusted Christ. Perhaps your friend or family member did too. You watched it yourself with amazement. 

Do them a favor and invite them BACK to Northgate THIS week. Call them up (Facebook them, e-mail them, whatever), meet them at the front door on Sunday, introduce them to your friends, and watch God go to work in their lives.

I want to be clear: It isn't enough to invite someone to Easter. . .  there is more. Pray about it and then act on it. Invite your friend BACK to Northgate this Sunday. You owe it to them.