Anyone Can Preach with 219 Men

I'm sharing this with 25+ men from my prayer group on Saturday. . .

Dr. Wilbur Chapman often told of his experience when he went to Philadelphia to become a pastor of Wanamaker’s church. After his first sermon, an old gentleman met him in front of the pulpit and said, “You are pretty young to be pastor of this great church. We have always had older pastors. I am afraid you won’t succeed. But you preach the gospel, and I’m going to help you all I can.”

“I looked at him,” said Dr. Chapman, “and said to myself, ‘Here’s a crank.’”

But the old gentleman continued: “I am going to pray for you that you may have the Holy Spirit’s power upon you, and two others have covenanted to join with me.”

Then Dr. Chapman related the outcome. “I did not feel so bad when I learned that he was going to pray for me. The three became ten, the ten became twenty, and the twenty became fifty, and the fifty became two hundred, who met before every service to pray that the Holy Spirit might come upon me. In another room the eighteen elders knelt so close around me to pray for me that I could put out my hand and touch them on all sides. I always went into my pulpit feeling that I would have the anointing in answer to the prayers of the 219 men.”

“It was easy to preach, a real joy. Anybody could preach with such conditions. And what was the result? We received 1,100 into our church by conversion in three years, 600 of which were men. It was the fruit of the Holy Spirit in answer to the prayers of those men. I do not see how the average pastor, under average circumstances preaches at all.”

“Church members have much more to do than go to church as curious, idle spectators to be amused and entertained. It is their business to pray mightily that the Holy Ghost will clothe the preacher with power and make his words like dynamite.” (A.M. Hills in Pentecostal Light)