On Sunday, Northgate Church launched a new series on the Book of Acts. Like I said yesterday morning, the Book of Acts is real history. It starts in a real place (Jerusalem), in a real time (AD 30), and with a real group of 11 scared-to-death guys who together fulfill the words of Jesus: “I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” (Matthew 16). The Book of Acts records a full-blown, God-size revolution. The book starts in Jerusalem, but it ends in Rome—the political capitol of the first-century world. And, remarkably, by only AD 323 (some 260 years later) Christianity becomes the leading religion in Rome. In fact, even the Roman emperor himself, Constantine, converts to Christianity. It’s staggering what 11 Christ-followers can do!

God has a plan for the world and it’s the local church. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. . . Northgate Church is the hope of our community. I cannot think of a better book to study than Acts as we being our second year of ministry together. As we study of the Book of Acts, we will do so with a sense of awe, amazement, and wonder. We’ll see an early church where people are even raised from the dead. Also, as we study Acts, we’ll do so with a little bit of sorrow and sadness, because so much of what we see in the church today (even at Northgate) really doesn’t align with the Book of Acts. So, together, we’ll learn and we’ll grow.

Yesterday was an Acts kind of day at Northgate. Powerful worship! Seven people made commitments to Christ! Hundreds stood up to receive more from God. There were dozens of newcomers who checked out our church for the first time. And, KIDNECTION was mind-blowing fun.

The point is God is getting a hold of people’s lives through the ministry of this church in our second year. Together we’re writing the next chapter of the Book of Acts. See you Sunday!

PS: If you’re a Northgater and reading this, please, please, please walk with me at the Ramey Happy Days parade at 3:00 pm on Saturday, September 17. Northgate doesn’t have a building. We have people (probably over a thousand of them) and we want to show you off.