In Joshua 10, God commands the sun to stand still in response to Joshua’s prayer so that Israelcan win the battle. Steven Furtick in his book, Sun Stand Still, calls Joshua’s prayer a prayer of audacious faith. Here are Furtick's five steps to a Sun Stand Still prayer. Step 1: Activate Your Audacious Faith

Reject passivity and fear. Seize the initiative because you know who God is. He is good, and he is strong. Agree with God that he has called you to a larger purpose for your life that will bring him glory. . .

Step 2: Approach God with Boldness

Come before God with confidence, making your request to him. . .  based on his proven character, the promises in his Word, and his actions in the past. This does not mean his answers are in any way connected to your worthiness. Rather, pray humbly, based on grace, because you don’t want what you deserve.

Step 3:  Ask Specifically for What is Humanly Impossible

. . .Speak your exact request to God without mumbling or hesitation, believe that nothing is impossible with him. Because if we have the audacity to ask, God has the ability to perform.

Step 4:  Advance Toward the Answer

To advance toward the answer, you must “push while you pray. . .” Audacious faith means that you are willing to become the answer to your own prayer. Make your move. Be prepared to work hard, and stick with it.

Step 5: Give God All the Glory

When God does the impossible, give him all the glory—the credit, honor, and thanks he deserves. . .  The stories of our Sun Stand Still prayers are ours to tell—but the story itself is always about Jesus.