Goodbye Matt Patrick. . . See You Around.

On Sunday, Matt Patrick, Northgate's worship leader, announced his resignation effective January 1. Matt’s departure is bitter-sweet. It’s bitter because I’ve worked with Matt for four-plus years at two different churches and will miss him very much—his talent, his heart, his loyalty, his character, his HAIR! It’s sweet because God has given Matt an opportunity to realign his life and priorities as a Christ-follower and husband. I applaud Matt for making that choice. Also, Matt, along with Maureen Armstrong (Northgate’s Worship Arts Director), have done a great job of raising up Will and Tracy Wojcik  to lead Northgate’s worship in the future. Matt will continue to guest lead in Will and Tracy’s absence, which is pretty cool, and will pop in from time to time. Well, I’ll have much more to say about Matt in the days to come. . . but that’s it for now, except to say, “I love you, Matt, and I’m grateful for you. Thank you for leading our church in worship.”

Here’s Matt’s announcement in his own words from Sunday:

As many of you know, I spend the majority of my time outside of Northgate producing records in my recording studio in Northeast Minneapolis. For the past three years I have been working a minimum of six, sometimes seven days a week in order to pay off a substantial build-out loan for my studio. Well, I am pleased to report that the loan was paid off just two months ago.

My wife and I are breathing a huge sigh of relief and have been wondering at what point should I be done working six to seven days a week. I wanted to let you know this morning that the time is coming very soon.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce to you that after the first of the New Year I will be stepping down as worship leader here at Northgate Church. I say mixed emotions because I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here with you all. I have grown in immeasurable ways and will take away life-long friendships from this place. . . These things most definitely make it sad for me to leave.

There are a number of things, which make it a happy and joyful thing for me. First of all, it brings me great joy that I am choosing to leave based solely on the timing of my life, and on good terms with the people of Northgate. Far too often, people in the church step down based on conflict. I am thrilled to say that this is not the case here. It has been a personal goal of mine, in whatever form of employment I have had, to LEAVE WELL and I commit to doing so through the remainder of my time here.

I am also very pleased to leave you in the capable hands of Will and Tracy Wojcik, who will take over for me when I am gone. We have had several encouraging discussions leading up to this point and I have also offered a continued mentorship to Will after I leave.

It is also my hope that I will be called on to come back and lead in their absence (which is another thing that doesn’t happen very often in a church). Again, because I just want to do things with a kingdom mentality, which means things are done differently here than what is normal for the world.

But the thing that makes me the happiest, is the fact that I have never once, in the two and a half years of my marriage, gone to church with my wife. I am most excited to devote more of my time to the spiritual nature and nurturing of our relationship.

Northgate, it has been an absolute honor to lead you in worship, and will continue to be through the remainder of the year. Thank you.