Andy Stanley has said, “A single act of courage is often the tipping point for something extraordinary.” I agree. Starting Northgate was an act of courage. And, God continues to lead us to do more courageous things. Some have worked out. Some haven't. Here are a few that did work out this school year: We started a care team. While that may not sound courageous to you, it is. Trust me. Every week, willing, trained volunteers make themselves available to pray with people whether they want it or not. Some weeks they do. Some weeks they don’t. But every week, our care team shows up and they involves themselves personally in the difficulty of people’s lives, sometimes at great cost to themselves, spiritually and emotionally. It isn't easy caring for people in the spiritual realm, but our care team loves it. Our care team has elevated the sense of extraordinary in our church and they demonstrate courage every single Sunday.

Making the “ask”. God led us to begin asking people in our worship services to say YES to Christ every week. Our initial goal was 100 people saying YES to Christ by Christmas of 2011. To date, we’ve seen over 230 individual people commit their lives to Christ at Northgate. I can tell you as the one usually asking. . . it takes some serious courage to ask people week in and week out, not knowing what the results may be. This fall we’ll embark on a bold, new discipleship plan that will only succeed with God’s help. More about that later.

$$$ “altar call”. You read it right. In January, God led us to offer an altar call at Northgate—regarding money. It was a huge risk. Would people come forward and confess their financial sins to God? Or, would they stay in their seats and never come again? To our surprise, people flooded the stage that Sunday and took another step in surrendering their wallets to Christ. It’s been really fun watching the results get lived out in people’s daily lives.

Build a building. In January, we finally had the courage to step out and ask God for a building. Constructing a $3 million facility in a church of our size and age (22 months next week) seemed literally impossible. Not to mention the economy. But, God is in the process of making that dream a reality.  More to come toward the end of June, as promised.

A single act of courage really is the tipping point for something extraordinary. We take the risk and God does the rest.

What courageous thing is God calling you to do?