Northgaters have begun a season of fasting leading up to Easter. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions put together by Northgate pastor, Jeff Gustafson.  FASTING 101

What is FASTING?

Fasting is making space for something better, namely God. Fasting means to give up food or something else to deny our self of something that is good to make space for something better. Jesus did it, and he taught about it.


Fasting increases our capacity to experience the joy of a close relationship with God. Fasting is giving up small pleasures to pursue real joy. We give up snacking on the world to feast on God.


1.  Turns on the lights

Not eating reminds us how selfish we are when we don't have food to comfort us. We invite God to forgive us, cleanse us, and help us.

2.  Upgrades your power source

Fasting teaches us to rely on God's strength and not our own.

3.  Dethrones a tyrant

Through fasting we tell our body to sit still and be quiet like an unruly 2 year old. Fasting puts our body in right alignment under our will and under God.

4.  De-clutters your life

Fasting gets rid of other sources of comfort to experience more of the relationship that God wants with us.

5.  Unleashes us to love 

Fasting frees us to love God in ways we could not before. The way an athlete trains to do what they couldn't do by effort alone, we train to so that we can obey and love God in ways we couldn't before.


Mondays and Wednesdays (one or both days) February 18 through March 27

The goal is to learn how to make this a regular part of your lifestyle.

How do I FAST?

Drink only water and/or juice on fasting days. Take time to pray more during the fast.

Let hunger remind you to pray.