17,000 more meals need to be packed before Thanksgiving!

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! We are NOT hungry here in Ramsey and the holiday when we celebrate this OVERABUNDANCE is next Thursday. There are millions of people who won't get one piece of bread that same day. That's why we're taking a BIG step at Northgate to make an impact! Last night the DUE NORTH students packed over 10,000 MEALS which will feed 28 kids for ONE YEAR!  But we  took a LEAP and had ingredients for over 27,000 meals delivered because we believe we are a generous community! $20 per person will support all the ingredients you can pack during an hour shift. Just think, for $80, a family of 4 can pack 280 meals...way less than one huge Thanksgiving feast will cost and way less than the $500-700 it would cost to make that many meals!

I'm inviting and challenging EVERY Northgate family to JUMP into this project. I guarantee you will be blessed by your sacrifice and effort!

Pick a ONE HOUR shift on Mon., Tues., or Wed.! All the dates have open slots, so you have all three days from which to choose.

Can't pack? Click the link to make a donation toward the ingredients! Our community church partners are joining us as part of the community Thanksgiving Eve celebration!

MON, NOV 24, 7 - 8 pm 
TUES, NOV 25, 7-8 pm 
WED, NOV 26, 6-7 and 8-9 pm

(before and after the Thanksgiving Eve service)

Let's do this Northgaters!
Pastor Steve