Pray Like Crazy. Just Take a Step.

You didn’t learn to walk, eat or talk by listening to a lecture. You learned by watching and then by trying for yourself. And that’s how we learn to pray, too. We notice how others pray and then we take a step ourselves and see what happens.

At Northgate this past weekend, we started exploring some crazy prayers and saw how David prayed “Search me, God” in Psalm 139. We saw how that prayer develops intimacy with God; the kind of intimacy we all crave. So, now it’s time for each of us to take a step.

There are all kinds of steps we could take. None of them make God love you "more”. Instead, they are simply ways to respond to God’s love by trusting him to go deeper — the same way any relationship develops.

Below are some ideas for you try. Many are simply different ways to pray Psalm 139, while others will help you learn more about God’s love for you so that you can trust him enough to pray, “Search me, God".  May God bless you as you take a step and do some Crazy Prayin’!

1. Simply start praying, “Search me God.”  Set a reminder on your phone to pray it, or put a sticker on your bathroom mirror.

2. Instead of listening to the radio in your car, make up your own melody and sing “Search me God” back to him. Remember Psalm 139 is a song, after all. There is something intimate and powerful about singing our prayers to God.

3. Memorize Psalm 139. Memorization is good, not only because it gives you the ability to recall the Psalm anytime you want, but also because the repetition required for memorization makes you to think about the words and their meanings again and again.That is meditation in a nutshell. If you want to know more about the value of meditating on scripture, read Psalm 1.

4. Pray through Psalm 139.  As you read each phrase, stop and talk with God about it.  Say the words to Him. Ask Him questions about what you are reading. Tell Him what you notice. Scripture can be a springboard to prayer.

5. Spend an hour or so in solitude and silence. Grab a notebook, pray “Search me, God,” and notice what comes to mind. Write down what you notice in your notebook.

6. Arrange a meeting with someone who has an intimate relationship with God and ask them about how that relationship developed.

7.  With a group of friends or with your family at dinner time, pray "Search me, God” throughout the week. When you get together ask each other, "What are you noticing? What does God seem to be showing you?"

8. Read Hearing God by Dallas Willard. If you have ever wanted to learn how to listen to the voice of God after you pray, “Search me, God,” this book will point you in the right direction. I love listening to the audio book version .

9.  Read The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in love with the God Jesus Knows by James Bryan Smith.  This excellent book is a great starting point for taking steps toward an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

God IS faithful! If you just take a step, He'll meet you there!