Worship Schedule Change

Well, it’s that time of year. Summer vacations, cabins, and family reunions.

One of the realities I’ve learned to embrace while living in Minnesota is that people dramatically adjust their schedules seasonally. Having lived here for over a decade now, I understand why. Winter is long. Summer is short.

This said, church attendance shifts in the summer and especially affected are Saturday nights. Because of that, starting Memorial Day weekend, we’ll be dropping Saturday nights before they drop us! Saturday nights will resume the weekend after Labor Day.

I know this inconveniences some of you. I do. A handful of Northgaters can only come on Saturday nights because of work schedules. That grieves me and I’m very sorry.

We’re just not quite ready for year-round Saturdays. Northgate is growing right now. Many weekends this spring we’ve had 150-200 more people than we did last year, with most of the additional people coming on Sunday.

I’m hopeful that as Saturdays grow in the future, we’ll be able to offer them in the summer too. In the meantime, we’ll offer Sunday services at both 9 and 11 throughout the warm season so we don't miss a beat. AND. . . this summer, we plan to have some really fun activities on the lawn and in the parking lot for families after each service!

Thanks for understanding and if you would like to attend Saturday night before summer begins, please join us on May 7, 14, or 21 at 5 pm.