Easter is just weeks away!

Don’t ya just love putting together the baskets, planning the dinner, and eating loads of Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs---which we all agree are far superior to regular peanut butter cups, right? It’s the peanut butter to chocolate ratio…they’ve really perfected it…

Anyway, while you’re reveling in all your favorite springtime and resurrection day traditions, don’t forget the most important part: sharing it.

Easter is for sharing.

It’s for celebrating big.

It’s for shouting from the mountaintops “Jesus is amazing, ya’ll!”

But, if you’re looking for some encouragement or fun, creative ways to pull friends into your holiday plans, look no further.

We’ve pulled together 21 ideas to help you invite your friends to join you at church this Easter:

1- Host a huge ham dinner and make church festivities part of the plan! Tell the family which service you have seats at, followed by food at your pad.

2- Strategically place some of your more intriguing faith based book on your desk at work. If a co-worker asks about it, it’s the perfect time to casually extend an invite.

3- Show off your Northgate T-shirt and remind friends we have a freebie for them too!

4- Go LIVE on Facebook when you color your eggs and give a shout out to Northgate, letting your friends know when you’ll be there.

5- Write a handwritten note with the postcards we hand out this weekend and mail it to someone who could use a smile.

6- Grab a box of your pal’s favorite cereal and give it to ‘em. Then tell them that we’re gonna have a delightful breakfast cereal buffet at church this Easter. Yum, dude.

7- Do the phantom invite…leave our pretty postcards at the grocery store, in the Caribou drive thru, or under a windshield wiper. Who knows who’ll pick it up?!?

8- Got kids? Leverage your little ones to do the asking. Who can say no to a cute kid?

9- Make a cute Easter basket or treat bag for a friend and slip in our postcard invite.

10- On email a lot? Use a link to Ngatechurch.org under your email signature!

11- Hide Easter eggs with candy around the office and include invitations in some of the eggs. This one could be really fun!

12- Got a faith related book that’s been a big help to you? Gift it to a friend and inscribe with an invite to Easter inside the front cover.

13- Tag your friends on Northgate’s Easter-related posts, telling them to come check out the festivities.

14- Give your friend-with-kids some eggs and all the required supplies for egg dying, including a postcard inviting them to do more crafts at Northgate on Easter weekend. We’re gonna have some really fun make ‘n takes for kiddos!

15- Did you know we have an ad in the Clip-n-Save? Yep! Bust out the ad and show it to a buddy.

16- Check in at Northgate on Facebook each weekend until Easter and share what you’re learning from our current series.

17- Throwback Thursday! Post some childhood photos of egg hunts or the shopping mall Easter Bunny to your Instagram. Add that your new tradition includes celebrating with your friends at church and hitting up our photo booth.

18- Text a picture of our Easter postcard to your crew and tell them it’s an open invite.

19- Ask your friends about their family traditions on Easter then tell them yours…easy way to bring up how church is one of your favorite parts and see if they want to come.

20- Tell your story. Is there anything more powerful than sharing what difference Jesus has made in your life? Next time the conversation lends itself, tell your friend a little bit about your journey and how God has worked in it.  

21- Don’t beat around the bush. Just ask! “Hey, my church is pretty fun! Wanna come with me on Easter?”