5 IDEAS TO MAKE GAME DAY EXTRA FUN (even if you don't like football)

Even the most dedicated Minnesota football fans have become accustomed to rooting for other teams each year during the Super Bowl. With the Vikings out of the picture, the love of the game keeps us tuned in, year after year, right up until those final moments of the season to watch some other [less deserving] team bring home that Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Those who lack appreciation for the passing of pigskin still like to get in on the fun, too. Snack stadiums, parties, and crazy commercials…there’s just something special about game day. It’s like a national holiday. We all come together for a few hours, captivated by athletes and performers, to share in the magic of the production.

And to argue over which team will win, of course.

So, whether you’re rooting for the Rams, supporting the Patriots, or truly don’t give a rip, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you make this Sunday extra special.


Whether you dig sports or not, the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to get your place filled with friends! Evite has the cutest digital invites and it really isn’t too late to get the gang over for the game. Put out some food, turn up the TV, and laugh the evening away. Got your heart set on skipping the game?  Invite your anti-sports pals over to have Un-Super Bowl party. Or a Marie Kondo Party. Or a Minnesota Heatwave Luau party!


Die-hard football fans will gasp out load as they read this, but, the big game isn’t the only major event this weekend. That’s right…we said it! We mustn’t forget the epic cuteness that is The Puppy Bowl. Kids will especially love this one. It’s streaming so you can check it out whenever it’s convenient. Tune in for a halftime show that’ll fill your heart with warm fuzzies.


One thing we love about this particular weekend each year is getting the inside scoop from NFL players as they share their faith and encouraging stories. The presentation is called Football Sunday, and we’re kinda making a big deal out of it, too! After each service this Sunday, we’ll have salty treats, silly games, and a highlight reel of these special players and their love for Jesus. Bring kids and friends to church this weekend to see where faith and football intersect!


Ever had someone prepare your favorite dish or grab your go-to snack food when you were their guest? Makes you feel really loved to know they were thinking of you, right? Try it out with your crew! The old adage is true; the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. A variation would be to honor a family member who’s no longer with you by fixing their favorite recipe for everyone to enjoy together and share some memories of game-days past.


A party ain’t a party without games. And what ups the ante in participation better than an incredibly cheesy—and coveted—travelling trophy? Bust out the glue gun and acrylic paint to make the wildest trophy you can imagine for some simple minute-to-win-it games, wing eating contest, or Super Bowl prediction sheets. The bonus here is that it pretty much guarantees to get the gang back together again next year for some more healthy competition.

Have fun, stay safe, and don’t skimp on the nachos this Super Bowl Sunday!