This month at Northgate, we’ve been talking a lot about marriage and family as part of our Picture Perfect series. We’ve been looking at marriage and relationships, but we’d be remiss not to note the importance of values.

A crucial component in any family is values.

Values are those ideas and principles that take priority. In many ways, a family can be defined by their values. Whether they’re developed deliberately or by default, they become the operating system by which an individual, couple, or family lives.

Think of some of the most famous families today--you can almost name their values, good or bad, based on their behaviors and the fruit of their relationships…

  • Chip and Joanna Gaines = Creativity and Entrepreneurship

  • The Mandelas = Freedom and Equality

  • The Simpsons = Subversion

  • The Kardashians = Celebrity Status

  • Billy and Ruth Graham = Evangelism

  • The Incredibles = Justice

Okay, so some of those are weird examples, but you get the idea. The values of each family become obvious. And those values inform how they spend their time and money, who they hang out with, and how they conduct themselves.

Values are important.

Northgate is a family, too. And we have a set of values that we hold dear. Maybe you’ve seen them hanging up on the wall in the lobby. We have 9 principles we live by to keep our family focused, healthy, and strong.

Give them a read today and reflect. Which of them is your favorite? Which of them have you personally observed at church? Which of them would you like to help develop more in our church? Which of them would you like to see more of in your own life or household?

Read them, reflect, and pray!

The Northgate 9

1. We won't shut up. We can't stop talking about Jesus. In Him we find life and forgiveness, hope and peace, healing, freedom, and purpose. We want everyone to know God, and will risk just about anything to get the word out.

2. We are lean and mean. We choose to do a few things well and wholeheartedly, not several things poorly and halfheartedly.

3. We hang together. Everyone is going to hang out together in heaven some day, so we might as well start practicing now.

4. We are downwardly mobile. We want to go lower and serve deeper. Jesus said, “The last will be first,” and frankly, we're competitive.

5. We are weird, because normal isn't working. Following Jesus is counter cultural. Transformation is weird to the world around us, but normal here.

6. We innovatively teach the Bible. We don’t shy away from the deep truths of Scripture. We use simple, non-religious language and culture, as well as humor and the arts, to communicate the message of Jesus in its entirety and to apply it to our lives.

7. We like to party. We joyfully expend resources worshiping God and leading others to Him. He is worthy of more than anything we can offer.

8. We rely on God ...mostly because we have to. Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” So, we are a church who prays all the time, leans on the Holy Spirit, and leaves the results to God.

9. We do for a few what we’d like to do for many. While we can’t do everything for everyone, we make a concerted effort to practice peace, generously care for those in need, and bless the most vulnerable in our community and around the world.