Next weekend we’re gonna party! It’s our annual all-church potluck picnic at Lake George.

One of our church values is just to hang out. And that exactly what we do at our beach day!

We’ll share food, sit in the shade, play some games, chat, and enjoy the lake. And every year, as part of our celebration, we head down the beach and baptize those who’ve made a commitment to Christ or want to affirm a previous baptism.

There’s somewhat of a procession as people of all ages enter the water, line up, and one after one profess their faith before going under the water and coming back up refreshed, renewed, and ready for a new season with God.


Here’s what one Northgater had to say about his baptism from last summer:

“I was baptized as an infant and I am grateful to my parents for that. But of course, I don't remember that day. The adult baptism at the church picnic was my decision, as an adult, to openly and publicly announce my dedication to being a follower of Jesus Christ. The experience left me with a feeling of spiritual renewal and put a jump start in my relationship with God. I still look back on that day when I need some assurance because the feeling of that memory hasn't faded at all.”  –Steve G.

With all of the talk about baptism at church lately, you might be wondering, “Am I ready to baptized?”

We can help you answer that question for yourself.

Some people wait to be baptized, thinking that they should clean their lives up somehow, or be more disciplined with their Bible reading or religious practices.

Clean living and spiritual discipline are great, but not prerequisites for baptism…or for affirming a previous baptism, quite frankly.

Being “prepared” for baptism might not be what you think it is.

If you’ve delayed your baptism because you think you have to improve your life first or you have to do something to win God’s favor, you’ve gotta get back in touch with the gospel, honey!

The gospel is the good news that God has already done everything to qualify you and make you ready through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That’s why we baptize babies! And when you come to Jesus by faith in your youth or adulthood, you are instantly eligible and ready for baptism.

That’s not to say one should do nothing in preparation for baptism or to explore why you might want to affirm a previous one. It’s important to understand what it means. It’s important to know that baptism isn’t the thing that saves you; only Jesus does that. At Northgate, we help everyone—kids, parents and adults—who has an interest in baptism understand the significance of this very special moment, and dispel any mistaken beliefs or myths about it. We have a short baptism class that’s fun, informative, and encouraging.

So, are you ready to be baptized? Or want to affirm a previous one?

If you trust Jesus as your savior YOU. ARE. READY.

You’re fully qualified! Waiting till next year or the year after, isn’t going to somehow make you “more ready” or worthy. Jesus has already done it for you and there’s no way to out-do Him on that.

Awesome, right?

If Jesus is the leader of your life, and you wanna get baptized, let’s do it!