I don’t know about you, but I was excited to see the Minnesota Twins make a big improvement this year.  In case you are not a fan, the Twins finished in last place in 2016 with only 59 wins.  This year, they won an incredible 26 more games and finished in second place.  Many things were improved this year for the team compared to 2016, including their quality of “at-bats”.  In 2017, the team sent a player up to home plate to hit 61 fewer times than in 2016, but they got 93 more hits.  The team saw significant improvements in their goal (wins) by making the most of every chance they had at the plate.  

By now you are probably asking yourself, “where is he going with this?”. Well, I’m glad you asked!

Christmas is upon us here at Northgate once again.  Preparations are well on their way for an amazing service and experience this year.  There will be 5 identical services to choose from this year on Saturday, December 23 at 3 and 5pm and Sunday, December 24 at 11am, 2pm, and 4pm.  As usual, this will be an event that you will want to invite all your friends and family to come and see how we worship the new born King of Kings!  Maybe you have invited friends and family in the past, but have not had too much success.  Well, like the 2017 Minnesota Twins, we are going make sure that we all do better with our “at-bats” (invitations) and enjoy even greater success this year!

Like most things in life, planning and practice are the key to success.  This year, before you start swinging away (OK –I’ll stop with the baseball analogies) you should take a few minutes and really think about how you will make the invitation.  One method that can be effective is to use what is called an Elevator Pitch. This is a technique that, like the name implies, forces you to be succinct and to the point with your words so that your entire “pitch” can be completed in the time it takes to complete a short elevator ride.

Here are some keys to creating your own unique elevator pitch.

  1. It should be brief – 30 seconds max.  People have a short attention span so keep it brief!

  2. Your pitch should explain what’s in it for them – people aren’t going to be as fired up as they can be if the reason you want them to come to church is “I love it here”.  That’s nice, but like you, most people look at invitations through the lens of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).  You know who you are inviting; explain to them why you think they would enjoy Christmas at Northgate.

  3. Do not go for the “home run” – Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  But this one should bring relief to us.  You do not have to sell salvation in your invitation.  God is way better at saving people than we are, so we should not try and do his job.  A simple “come and see” should suffice.

I just heard an astounding statistic that said that a whopping 86% of people who are invited to come to church will come.  By preparing your Elevator Pitch in advance, practicing it, and using it during game time, I’m sure that you will come to enjoy inviting friends and family this year.