The last few weeks at Northgate, we’ve been talking a lot about leadership as part of our STRONG series. We’ve been looking at the story of Joshua and what it takes to lead strong. Each of us leads in some way at work, at home, or at church.

YOU are a leader.

And as a leaders, we must understand the importance of vision.

Think about your family, for instance. When you think about how you’d like your home to function or your family culture, there is a picture in your mind of what you’d like it to look like.

 If you were to articulate that vision, it might go something like this: “my vision is that we would treat each other respectfully, we would help one another out, take care of our home, try our best at work and school, and we would laugh together all the time.”

That’s a decent vision for home, right?

With that vision spelled out, everyone in the home would have a common goal to work toward, a shared idea, and direction to move in. In day-to-day happenings, you could return to the vision to see if your activity is in alignment with the vision or if adjustments need to be made.

Good leaders know that vision matters because your vision informs your behavior.

Well, at Northgate, we’ve articulated our vision as well.

We believe that this is the goal we are working toward together and the direction we are heading as a church:


Northgate Church is a Jesus-following, Spirit-moving, compassion-loving community where people find their purpose.


We envision an outwardly-focused, biblically-grounded, multi-generational, deliberately-diverse, leader-developing, people-sending church. Not an audience, but an army!


We envision a Spirit-filled, soul-swaying, life-changing church, where people are released in praise, prayer, and healing and are equipped to become who God purposed them to be.


We envision a Christ-centered, radically-loving, excessively-compassionate church who serves rather than be served, who gives rather than takes, and who blesses rather than curses.

As a leader in our community, you are part of making this vision happen!

So take a moment today to reflect on these questions and pray:              

  • Which phrases in the vision are your favorite and why?

  • Which of them have you personally observed the church do well?

  • Which of them would you like to help develop more in our church?

  • Have you articulated a vision for your life or your home? Do any pieces of your personal vision and Northgate’s vision match?

Together, with God’s help, we can bring our vision to life!