Anybody else out there starting to think of all this snow as the classic antagonist?

Like winter 2019 personified is Seinfeld’s Newman?


An irritating saboteur that ya just love to hate…

“Hello, Newman.”

Even if you usually appreciate a winter wonderland for the sledding and snowmobiling, you’re probably just as tired of school closings, slippery commutes, and event cancellations as the rest of us.

Can we just be done with the snow already?!?


And because we know we’re gonna be stuck in the permafrost for a few more weeks, we’ve rounded up a book list of some staff favorites that’ll have you happily reading indoors ‘til it’s time to thaw.

Each one of these books is guaranteed to bring out new facets in your faith-walk just in time for spring, a season of growth!

The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith

I love this book because it gives practical ways we can experience what God has for us and is a perfect selection to read and reflect on with friends or a small group. I definitely received an upgrade in my love for the Lord through this book!

Terry Kearns, Associate Pastor

Hope in the Hard Places by Sarah Beckman

This hot-off-the-press book will quickly become a new favorite! These pages are packed full of practical advice and attainable steps to help those in crisis or difficulty begin to move forward. Everyone experiences hard times and this book can help walk through them with hope…I KNOW this to be true from recent experience.

-Linnea Grey, Associate Pastor

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala

An oldie but a goodie, and an all-time favorite. All I can say is: this book changed me!

–Steve Perkins, Senior Pastor


Life Without Lack by Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard gives the most beautiful exposition of Psalm 23 I have ever read . . . and that’s just in the intro pages!  Readers are asked “what if it were possible to live in this kind of beauty?”  Willard argues that it is possible and then shows us how.  I have been gratefully soaking in this book for months. 

–Jeff Gustafson, Associate Pastor


Liturgy of the ordinary

Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren

With each flip of the page I found myself saying “yes, yes, yes!” Even in Christian circles, we live in a culture that pursues perfection, depends on distraction, and craves extreme experiences. But, if you want to begin seeing the sacred in your everyday spaces and routines, then ya gotta read this! Spoiler alert: Northgate’s Ash Wednesday Service will be inspired by some of this books best excerpts. Get a head start and read up before Lent!

-Rachelle Carlson, Director of First Impressions


Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle

As my own prayer life has developed, I’ve come to understand prayer through the picture of an iceberg. What I’m able to see is just the tip, what is obvious or visible, but underneath the surface, there is so much more than what I can see. It’s the same in prayer. We come to God in faith, knowing He’s present and working in the unseen. This book helped me enter into new prayer territory at a time when I knew God was drawing me deeper.

-Wendy Walton, Director of Children’s Ministry