What Does This Child Need

“What does this child need?” I imagine Jesus asking the Father that when parents brought their children to him to be blessed (Matthew 19:13).  “What does this child need?” That answer is unique to each child.

Our world is full of stressful life situations such as adoption, bullying, death of a loved one, divorce, foster care, health concerns, loneliness, and other special needs or family struggles. How often do we ask “What does this child need?”

That is what we will be doing on October 1, when we begin working with kids and families through Northgate’s new program, Confident Kids. We will be embracing the uniqueness of each child and supporting them in ways that are meaningful for them. 

Confident Kids is a support group for kids walking through stressful life situations and their caregivers.  It is designed to bring hope, healing and the message of God’s love by providing a safe, supportive Christ-centered community.  

Developmentally, kids process stress very differently than adults and kids from the same family can respond and deal with stress very differently than each other. The way in which children process life experiences forms their worldview. Worldview is comprised of the conclusions children draw about how the world works, how relationships work, and their concept of themselves. Their world view determines their response to stressful life situations. Through Christ centered community, Confident Kids is designed to help shape or in some instances re-shape a child’s worldview. 

Confident Kids is made up of 4, 8-week units. Our first unit, beginning on Monday Oct 1 is on "Feelings" and how all our feelings are okay. Whether we realize it or not we tend to view feelings as either good or bad. The good feelings we seek and the bad feelings we try to avoid or ignore. In this unit we will see that there are no “bad” feelings. God gave us all our feelings for a reason. They can help keep us safe and help us know when it’s time to ask for help. Kids and families will learn healthy ways to respond to “challenging” feelings.

Even more importantly than the skills kids and families will learn, relationships and connections will be fostered. God doesn’t want us to isolate ourselves but to seek community and in doing so we realize that we are not alone. 

There is a place for every member of the family in Confident Kids. Nursery for real young kids, support groups for all kids over age 4 and an also very important group for parents and caregivers. 

Check out http://ngatechurch.org/events/confident-kids for more information or to get registered.