Worship Schedule Change This Fall

About a week ago, after prayerful consideration, our staff made the decision to take Saturday nights “off” during the 2017-18 school/ministry year in order to reevaluate.

Northgate is experiencing a season of new growth! Our overall attendance this spring is up 20% over this same time last year. That's huge! In fact, we had more people coming to our two Sunday services in May than all three Saturday and Sunday services combined that same month last year. There's critical mass in the room and it feels good!

Saturdays, however, are just not growing. Our attendance fluctuates dramatically throughout the year from week to week and it’s not the best first impression for our guests.

Also, one of our Northgate Nine values is “we’re lean and mean.” We choose to do a few things well and wholeheartedly, not several things poorly and halfheartedly.

So, it’s time to rethink and retool. We may reevaluate and restart Saturday night services or even add a third Sunday service at some point in the future, depending on attendance trends and needs.

I know this will inconvenience some of you and I’m sorry. If you normally attend Saturdays, please check out Sundays. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! And, bring a friend with you!

Dozens and dozens of guests are joining us each and every week this spring. God is on the move!

KIDNECTION continues all summer long. Also, we’re getting ready to launch brand new leadership and discipleship initiatives and more small groups this fall. Stay tuned!

Northgate Church is passionate about helping people become who God purposed them to be.