Northgate's passion about helping people become who God purposed them to be is an undeniably, big-gulp-sized dream that requires a significant amount of resources and partnership.

Consider how God might be calling you to be creative, consistent and courageous in your contribution to Northgate Church.

Contribute a one-time donation or set up automatic payments if you choose to give online. 

OR consider a 90 day tithing challenge! At any time, you can begin to "tithe" your income for 90 days. If you feel that you have not been blessed during this time period, Northgate Church will refund 100% of your recorded tithe. That's how sure we are that YOU will be blessed hundreds of times over by your obedience! 


or MAIL CHECKS TO:  Northgate Church. 7295 Sunwood Dr NW. Ramsey, MN. 55303