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Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation are terms that we’re increasingly seeing in the media, especially as the Super Bowl prepares to arrive in Minnesota. This class will provide a basic knowledge of stats, definitions, and a general understanding of what sex trafficking is. You will learn the necessary facts and knowledge to discuss this issue confidently without needing to do an extensive in depth study. This class will equip you to take action in a variety of ways, from protecting their family and friends, to serving an organization. You will gain understanding of the areas of impact (tracks) including: awareness, prevention, prayer, restoration, and outreach. This class will introduce the organization and volunteer network, Trafficking Justice, how to be involved in an impact area/track, and how to obtain further training.

Tim and Amanda Casey are a husband and wife Team who feel called to fight sexual exploitation. They have both been profoundly affected by the wretched lack of Justice and Awareness of Exploitation.

Together they have written and now present Trafficking Justice's Sex Trafficking 101 Course as a way to spread knowledge and call others in the community to action. They skillfully use their personal and educational backgrounds to speak light into the dark world of Exploitation with the ardent conviction of ensuring safer and more just communities. They currently serve as the Prevention of Demand and Awareness Track Leaders for Trafficking Justice.

They have been married 9 years and live in the Twin Cities with their three daughters, ages 8,7,5.