Ponder these questions after you listen to the message:  

  • What are some ways we can bring the party outside the four walls of a church building in our own lives? Perhaps in our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, etc.?    
  • God has gifted us all with talents and/or abilities to be used to serve others. How can you serve somebody or a people group with the gifts God has given you? If you're not sure, spend time in prayer asking God, “Who is it I can serve with what you have given me?” 
  • In what area of your life do you need to rely on God for the final results? In other words, where are you holding on to tight with your own control or abilities and perhaps need to take a step back and pray?

Ponder these questions after you listen to the message:  

  1. As followers of Jesus we want to serve others well. At Northgate we consider this value as being downwardly mobile.
    What are some excuses you have used or have heard others use to avoid serving in your community?
    What are some fears you or others might have toward serving and why? How can we overcome those fears?
  2. In our culture today we have many things which tempt us to strive for immediate satisfaction. But we don’t want to follow culture, we want to follow Jesus. We are weird, because normal isn’t working.
    What are some of those things that bring immediate satisfaction?  What are some ways in which striving for immediate satisfaction is dangerous and/or destructive?  
  3. It’s important that we innovatively teach the Bible.
    What are some ways in which we can relate to people in the world who don’t know Jesus, showing them we are more alike than different?  

Ponder these questions after you listen to the message.

  1. What do you value most in your life? In other words, where do you spend your time? In what ways would you like to make changes in your values after hearing this message?
  2. Within Northgate’s value, “We Won’t Shut Up,” we say, “We want everyone to know God, and will risk just about anything to get the word out.” In your own life, what are some of the risks involved with talking about Jesus to others who don’t know Him? 
  3. In thinking of our value, “We’re Lean and Mean,” what is the thing or things you need to remove or lessen in your life to make room for what God wants to do through your life? 
  4. At Northgate, “We Hang Together.” As you approach the fall season, what might God be calling you to do to hang with others?

This Is Us

Why do we do what do? Why do we behave the way we behave? What makes us tick? What doesn’t? Who are we and what are we about? As a church? As individual Christ-followers? What makes us different than the world around us? How do we become who God purposed us to be? Find out with this 3-week series beginning August 18th & 19th! This is Us.

  • 1.
    Relying on God!
  • 2.
    We Are Weird, because Normal Isn’t Working!
  • 3.
    We Won't Shut Up!
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