Ponder these questions after you listen to the message:  

Married Ladies- What are some ways you can encourage your husbands this week? Pray and ask God to soften your hearts toward his shortcomings and to help you relinquish control in an area you struggle to give up.

Married Guys- Where in your household do you feel God would want you to step up and lead? Pray and ask God to guide you and help you to provide, protect, and pastor.

If you are dating someone- A godly woman will help a weak man become strong. A godly man will provide, protect, and pastor. Does the person your dating fit the mold of these points? Pray and ask God to help you know if this person is marriage-ready or if you are tempted to “settle”? Ask God for guidance.

If you are not dating anyone, but want to - Pray and ask God to help you see if these qualities exist in the people you might be interested in or may become interested in.

Perhaps you do not want to date- What might you take from this message which could help you lovingly counsel someone in your life about marriage or dating?