Ponder these questions after you listen to the message:  

  1. What are some subconscious thoughts you have that need to be transformed by the renewing of your mind?

  2. According to science, the brain develops new brain cells every day.  What practical steps will you take to program those cells each morning?

  3. It takes up to three 21 day cycles of deliberate thought to permanently change your way of thinking.  As we wrap up our series, document your gameplan to remove worry, anxiety and fear from your life.

Ponder these questions after you listen to the message:  

1) Are there certain activities you engage in which you feel at peace and alone with God? What are they?

2) What are some habits you would like to develop to find alone time with God strengthening your prayer life with Him?

3) Take a few minutes to write down others burdens you feel like you are carrying. What is it you want to pray for each of them in order to give their burdens to Jesus? Perhaps you could pray for them now?

Ponder these questions after you listen to the message:  

  1. What worry do you need to decide to give to God and trust him with?

  2. Take a few moments and write down what makes you anxious.  How might having a renewed mind help you turn those thoughts into victories?

  3. What steps can you take today to strengthen your belief that you have a Heavenly Father who knows exactly what you need?

Worst-Case Scenario

Controlled by fear and worry? Does your mind often race to the worst-case scenario? What if you trusted God instead? Not just with your today, but your tomorrows? What if God really is who is says he is? Faithful, no matter what comes your way? Join Pastor Steve and learn how to overcome worry.

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    Switch On Your Brain!
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    Managing My Worry, Anxiety and Fear... And Others’
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    My Journey Out of Worry, Anxiety, and Fear
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