Minnesota is a purple state.

Prince’s Purple Rain.

Purple Pride for our Vikings.

Two hundred and sixty one varieties of purple wildflowers (Seriously…you can see them here. Crazy, right?).

And now, the Purple Light Initiative.

If you think you’ve noticed more purple during the month of October, it’s not your imagination. And it’s not to decorate for Halloween. No, those purple lights are actually there to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Victims of domestic violence are often isolated, scared, and silent about what’s happening.

And we know that it really is happening right in our back yard.

Statistically speaking, in the United States 1 out of every 3 women will have experienced violence by an intimate partner in her life time. Even closer to home, Approximately 21 Minnesotans are killed every year by an intimate partner. According to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, 22 women and 3 men were killed in 2015, 18 women in 2016 and 19 women in 2017. Those are just recorded cases that unfortunately, ended in tragedy. Those numbers don’t speak to the many women, and men, who continue to suffer in secret.

But as a community of Christ followers, this is just something that will not stand.

Not here in Ramsey. 

Not on our watch.

So during the month of October, we’ve turned on our purple porch lights too.

We’re hoping that by joining in the Purple Light Initiative, sharing relevant articles, and swinging the door open wide to talk about the subject, we can:

- give victims a voice.

- show victims and survivors they have allies.

- help people who might be stuck.

- bring healing to those who’ve gotten out.

- promote healthy behaviors in relationships.

- pull the community together in the effort to end abuse.

If you’d like to participate in the Purple Porch Light Initiative it’s pretty simple. Just grab a purple bulb at your local retailer, pop it in your porch light and when your neighbors ask, tell them about it.

Also, in the Northgate lobby this weekend you’ll see Silent Witnesses, a display that brings to light the reality that there are people in our midst--people in Ramsey, Anoka, Elk River--who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

Even in our congregation, you’ll find survivors. One Northgater, Cathy Green, has worked tirelessly the last 5 years advocating for other victims and bringing them the hope of Jesus. You can read her full story here. She’s truly living with purpose and bringing healing to those impacted by abuse.

But if we, the church, can create an awareness and a safe space to talk, we can see real change.

If you or someone you know is suffering in silence, or you suspect an unsafe situation, please talk to one of our pastors or make use of the resources below.

Together, we can take a stand against domestic violence.

Ramsey Police Department

Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline

Alexandra House

952.884.0330 or

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women

Domestic Abuse Project