Northgate's passion for helping people become who God purposed them to be isn’t just creating a buzz in Ramsey. No, this mission extends far into the world around us with a number of partnerships, one being Debre Zeit Mekane Yesus Church in Ethiopia through Compassion International.

Did you know Northgate funded a set of resource rooms for our partner's school which were completed in March 2013...way before our own building was established here in Ramsey?


In addition, in 2016, we sponsored a project where 15 women were provided weaving machines to craft authentic clothing for tourists, producing income would support their families. That drive proved so successful that Northgate was also able to contribute funds to build a playground for the kids! Check out this final report!

Last week, I was the fortunate recipient of two other awesome letters from Ethiopia. The first was from a small boy my family sponsors at our partner church. He told me how much he enjoys swimming and that he loves knowing we pray for him. The second letter was from a young lady we also sponsor. To close her correspondence, she wrote “goodbye, my sweeties!”, which made me giggle and smile all day long. We are so blessed by these kids.

Be encouraged. You really are helping people become who God purposed them to be!



What Does This Child Need

“What does this child need?” I imagine Jesus asking the Father that when parents brought their children to him to be blessed (Matthew 19:13).  “What does this child need?” That answer is unique to each child.

Our world is full of stressful life situations such as adoption, bullying, death of a loved one, divorce, foster care, health concerns, loneliness, and other special needs or family struggles. How often do we ask “What does this child need?”

That is what we will be doing on October 1, when we begin working with kids and families through Northgate’s new program, Confident Kids. We will be embracing the uniqueness of each child and supporting them in ways that are meaningful for them. 

Confident Kids is a support group for kids walking through stressful life situations and their caregivers.  It is designed to bring hope, healing and the message of God’s love by providing a safe, supportive Christ-centered community.  

Developmentally, kids process stress very differently than adults and kids from the same family can respond and deal with stress very differently than each other. The way in which children process life experiences forms their worldview. Worldview is comprised of the conclusions children draw about how the world works, how relationships work, and their concept of themselves. Their world view determines their response to stressful life situations. Through Christ centered community, Confident Kids is designed to help shape or in some instances re-shape a child’s worldview. 

Confident Kids is made up of 4, 8-week units. Our first unit, beginning on Monday Oct 1 is on "Feelings" and how all our feelings are okay. Whether we realize it or not we tend to view feelings as either good or bad. The good feelings we seek and the bad feelings we try to avoid or ignore. In this unit we will see that there are no “bad” feelings. God gave us all our feelings for a reason. They can help keep us safe and help us know when it’s time to ask for help. Kids and families will learn healthy ways to respond to “challenging” feelings.

Even more importantly than the skills kids and families will learn, relationships and connections will be fostered. God doesn’t want us to isolate ourselves but to seek community and in doing so we realize that we are not alone. 

There is a place for every member of the family in Confident Kids. Nursery for real young kids, support groups for all kids over age 4 and an also very important group for parents and caregivers. 

Check out for more information or to get registered.   

Interacting with Faith

This morning as I prayed, I read Genesis 12:2.  It is the blessing that God gives Abraham.

“I will make you into a great nation,

    and I will bless you;

I will make your name great,

    and you will be a blessing.”

This is a powerful blessing of honor and empowerment. God promises to multiply Abraham into a great nation.  He will be blessed - in other words, he will have what is good.  The promise includes honor too – “I will make your name great”.  All of those are great promises, multiplied, blessed, honored, but there is still more.  God says, “and you will be a blessing”.  Not only is he going to have what is good, but he is going to bring what is good to people everywhere he goes.  It seems like this is more than just about possessions, but even more about identity.  He would be the blessing.  It was part of who he was and part of what he carried with him everywhere he went.

Abraham is celebrated for his faith.  His claim to fame is the way he trusted this promise of God. But, the story in Genesis seems to describe a faith the ebbed and flowed. And still Abraham’s faith is held up as a model in Galatians and Hebrews.  It seems that the aspect of Abraham’s faith which is celebrated is not the perfection or the lack of wavering, but the way he interacted with God and the way that Abraham allowed God’s promises to impact his actual life.

Dallas Willard gave a talk at a Renovaré conference at Asbury College once on the prayer of faith.  He said that faith is interacting with something as if it were so.  Willard used the analogy of a lightbulb to explain faith. We have faith that when we flip the switch, the light bulb will turn on. And our faith in the switch that leads us to walk over to the spot on the wall where the switch is and flip it acts with other forces, namely electricity, and lights turn on.  Another example Willard gave was how the faith of a college student that she will get her bachelor’s degree, leads her to a particular course of action: showing up for class and writing papers that result in her actually getting the degree.  If she didn’t think she was going to get the degree, would she pay the money and go to classes and write the papers? Probably not. 

I don’t think the promises God gave to Abraham were for Abraham alone.  Those of us who are children of Abraham are heirs of his legacy and of those promises.  I wonder how God might be calling us to interact with those promises as though they were so.  What would it mean to live as though who I am, or who you are is going to be multiplied? Or to live as though we are blessed or that our names will be honored?  Considering how a college student organizes her life around the belief that she will get her degree, what patterns of behavior would we adopt if we believed we were honored?  Or if faith is like knowing that the light will come on when we flip the switch, what are we going to walk across the room to do today, knowing that we will be a blessing? 

It’s true you know.  We will.