We think you're wondering what will be on the other side of that door if you decide to check us out . Well, here's some info that may make this one of the best decisions you'll make.

What to think...

Join hundreds of others who attend Northgate because it isn't church as usual.

What to expect in worship...

Join us for a powerful, foot-stomping, soul swaying continuum of music that rocks, relevant messages, prayer, praise and healing. Leave feeling like you've invested an hour in something important. For those with a heavy heart, people will be available to talk after the service; they will even pray with you.

What about offering...

We encourage Northgaters to regularly contribute what they can.  It helps us pay rent. And it helps them feel invested in what we're working to accomplish as a church.

What if I get hungry?

After worship, we celebrate in the lobby with Dunn Bros coffee and the best donuts and pastries in town.  Visitors are welcome to grab some refreshments 'on us'. 

What to wear...

No one yells, "Hey kids, put on your best duds, we're going to Northgate." Everything is pretty much "informal." Wear whatever fits best - sweats, jeans, Dockers, tuxes (maybe not tuxes). 

What about my kids?

If you have kids, come 15 minutes early to get them settled into KIDNECTION, our fun-loving kids program.  KIDNECTION is for kids, nursery through grade 5.  We care compassionately for the little ones and teach on all things relevant in your child's life, in language they can understand, in a comfortable and safe environment.  Helping your kids learn about God - that he loves them, He created them and He wants to have a real relationship with them - is what KIDNECTION is all about.  And it is FREE!

Security is a priority, which is why we use a state-of-the-art computer system to check in each child.  It also gives us a quick and efficient way to contact parents if necessary.

What do I do once I'm there...

When you arrive, you'll be greeted by parking attendants.  Don't freak out when they start making wild gestures as you enter the lot.  They're just directing you to a prime parking spot in our lot, or one close by at Allina, PACT or NAU.  

Enter Northgate through the East or West doors. There you'll be greeted by more friendly faces dressed in brown.  These nice folks will help direct you to the KIDNECTION area to the North or the auditorium to the south.

You'll be provided with a program as you head into the auditorium.  It includes everything you'll need for worship.  We'll also display this information on the screen.

What type of church is this?

You'll be pleasantly surprised to see that this church, energized through our affiliations with Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ, the Alliance of Renewal Churches, and the Willow Creek Association is nothing like your grandma's church... Well, unless your grandma comes here. It's fresh and relevant and might be just what you've been looking for! Come visit.