When thinking about your relationship with God, would you say that you are hungry?

Like, spiritually hungry?

Ready for more?

Ready for an upgrade?

If the answer is yes, then prayer is what'll get you there!

Many of us yearn to be closer to God. We truly want to experience more of His peace and love. We wish we were better at hearing from him, but often feel distant.

It’s in those times we need to plunge ourselves into prayer.

Sure, we could listen to more KTIS at work, or read another book from Lifeway, but there's no substitute for just intentionally spending time in His presence, even if it’s just while we’re driving to work, sweeping the floor, or folding the laundry. He’s there with you in those moments!

And here’s an important point: when you’re starting out, trust the truth over your mood.

There may be days when you’re feeling crabby or rushed. There may be times when you feel silly praying out loud. Other times, you may feel far from God or doubt yourself. But guess what? It doesn’t really matter how you feel.

The truth is that He hears you and works in those prayers, even if you feel crabby, rushed, or self-conscious. Over time, you’ll notice those feelings fade faster and you begin talking with Him more and more throughout the day.

If any of us wants to see an upgrade in our experience and knowledge of God, we gotta commit --or re-commit-- to seeking Him through prayer.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to pray alongside hundreds of other Northgaters in our prayer movement, Northgate Prays. Just putting your intentions down on paper is powerful. You can do that here.

But, if you've ever had trouble making a habit of praying or knowing what to pray about and trying to get past your mood, you're not alone. Pastor Jeff offers us some great tips on how each of us can jump-start our prayer time in the video below. Check it out and give these ideas a try.

Your upgrade is just around the corner!